My First Learning Tablet

RM 139.00

My First Learning Tablet™ appeals to toddlers’ curiosity and exposes them to early language and number skills through age-appropriate pretend play. A wide variety of short stories and phrases, learning songs, and counting activities introduce early skills that set an important foundation for later learning.

Package Dimensions:

6 (D) x 25 (W) x 28 (H) cm

Product Features

  • Suitable for age 1 to 3 years old.

  • Press the 20 app icons to explore letters, numbers, shapes, colors, weather, fun facts, counting, stories and foreign languages.

  • Touch the phone, clock, Scout, camera and music player icons to learn about greetings, time concepts, role play and music.

  • Choose Explore, Learn or Music modes to explore role-play, a variety of age-appropriate curriculum, 20 familiar melodies and three songs.

  • Play and learn with Scout as he giggles, barks, talks and sings. The tablet also includes Scout’s puppy friend Violet in the phone app.

  • Press the app buttons to activate unique color and light patterns. Slide fingers over the screen for special sounds and lights.

  • Listen to 20 melodies and three sing-along songs including the ABC song and songs about numbers and rainbow colors.

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