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LeapFrog ABC Phonics Word Builder

RM 94.50

Ages 3-6 yrs.
Unique sound slider helps kids sound out letters and words and learn to spell with games and activities.

Get a head start on reading with the ABC Phonics Word Builder™! The innovative sound slider feature helps children understand what letters sound like and how sounds blend into words. Practice phonics skills, spelling and vocabulary while exploring 250+ words. Games and activities bring the concepts to life through entertaining play that reinforces learning. Three double-sided activity cards can be inserted into the word builder to learn about vowel sounds, consonants and words. Watch words turn into lively animations when kids sound out the word correctly! Slide into spelling with this unique learning tool. All activity cards attach to the toy with the included strap. Includes volume and screen contrast controls.

Sound out letters
Use the sound slider to hear letter sounds.

Blend sounds into words
Combine sounds into words, letter by letter.

Learn with three activity cards
Add to the learning with three double-sided activity cards that reinforce learning.

Play in six game modes
Each mode introduces unique learning experiences in phonics, spelling and words.

Explore 250 + words
Watch words turn into animated objects with sound effects as you spell each word correctly.

Adjust settings
Set the volume and control the contrast on the screen with adjustable settings.

2 AA Batteries

Product dimensions:  5.1W x 7.2H x 1.3D

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