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LeapFrog Learning Lights Letterbug

RM 109.00

Learning Lights Letterbug™ teaches colors and letters in a fun, imaginative way. With every push of the toy, the Letterbug changes colors and introduces the alphabet. Letter songs expose young children to the sounds that letters make and lay a critical foundation for their developing language skills.

Package Dimensions: 

11.6 (D) x 17.5 (W) x 16.5 (H) cm

Product Features

  • Press Letterbug’s yellow antenna for a kaleidoscope of excitement while it teaches colors, letters and more.

  • Letterbug’s imagination runs wild as it pretends to be a a variety of things including a red fire engine, blue ocean or a yellow spaceship when its color changes.

  • Trigger a catchy letter song using the ABC button and dance around to the music while it teaches letter names and sounds to help develop language skills.

  • For more excitement, roll the letterbug around to activate the changing colors, music, sounds and phrases.

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